Paul Roos

A Lincoln, Montana native, Paul is one of the state's original fishing outfitters. His PRO, Inc. has brought untold anglers to the enjoyment of our streams. Long interested in the link between improved, sustainable habitat and good business, Paul helped start the Blackfoot Challenge, a group continuously working to improve their namesake river.

Brant Oswald

Trained in classical language analysis, Brant soon realized he loved fishing more. He spent years teaching flycasting with Mel Krieger, then moved near the Yellowstone river to help a local outfitter build a world-class shop. Brandt shares his volunteer time with Fund and the Upper Yellowstone River Task Force.

Hal Harper

After nearly two decades as a representative in the Montana legislature, Hal has retired to private life, but has lost none of his concern for the state's fisheries. Instead, he has rearranging his life to serve in any capacity that keeps Montana's waters in good shape.